Night King Actor on Game of Thrones Supports Arya's Actions

This week's Game of Thrones delivered audiences the Battle of Winterfell, marking the biggest battle the series has seen thus far, offering audiences a number of surprising reveals. After years of slowly trudging south, the Night King and his massive army of the undead descended upon Winterfell, igniting multiple exciting conflicts. In addition to the massive battle, the episode brought some characters' journeys to a close while other characters earned shocking moments where they demonstrated their abilities. One of the most talked-about moments featured Arya Stark, sparking some debate from fans online, though the actor behind the Night King fully supported the reveal.

WARNING: Spoilers for Game of Thrones below

After years of training to be an assassin, Arya Stark finally put her skills to the ultimate test, stealthily springing on the Night King to stab him with a dagger made of Valyrian steel. The villain was played by Vladimír Furdík in the episode, who professed his enthusiasm for the decision.

"I think this was a good decision," Furdík shared with The Daily Beast. "Because nobody’s waiting so much for [Arya to surprise him], not many people knew it would happen. Maybe ten minutes before Arya jumps on the Night King, we don’t know where she is. We see Jon Snow and other actors, but we don’t know where she is. Maybe somebody can predict it, but I think it was a good decision. Who else can kill him and how? It was the best, I think."

While most fans enjoyed the moment, there were still some who were disappointed that any character would vanquish the Night King in any capacity, given how many years fans have been waiting to learn more about him. Even the actor himself is unclear on the character's history.

"I sometimes see people asking who he is and where he’s from," Furdík noted. "For example, I put on Instagram a picture of some fight that I did for the Tower of Joy when I stunt-doubled for one of the actors, and I’m in the same costume as him. And I put this picture on Instagram and people said, 'Ah! So the Night King is…' I think they started saying he was part of Jon Snow’s family—or somebody’s family, I don’t know which. I’m a little bit lost with who’s who [laughs]. They said I’m a Targaryen, or with the Lannister family, but I am also lost between these families."

As far as whether or not we'll ever learn more about the character, the actor confessed, "You know, I don’t know. This is not a question for me, maybe for somebody else [laughs]. Me, personally, I would like to know one day. Why not? To finish his story. Let’s see."

New episodes of Game of Thrones air Sunday nights on HBO at 9 p.m. ET.

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