'Game of Thrones' Castle Can Be Yours for a Royal Sum

Game of Thrones fans have the chance to live like the lords and ladies of House Tully, with the castle that serves as the set of Riverrun officially hitting the market with a royal price tag.

Part of Gosford Castle in Northern Ireland, which served as the set for the House Tully’s Riverrun castle, has hit the market, meaning that fans of the popular HBO series have the chance to watch the eighth and final season from a castle of their own.

A listing from Maison Real Estate has the castle, which boasts more than 15 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, sitting at the starting price tag of £500,000, or $656,452 in US dollars. However, the portion of the castle for sale does not feature heating, making it likely that it will feel like winter is coming and the Night King has breached the Wall.

While the portion of the castle for sale has “been used previously as a hotel and as a movie set for the world famous Game of Thrones TV show,” the listing notes that the partially developed section would make the perfect space for six luxury apartments, even going as far as suggesting names for the different spaces — The Inner Bailey, The Great Hall, The Old Keep, a less bloody and violent place than Cersei Lannister’s Red Keep, The Dining Room House, The Library Wing and The Round Tower — all boasting roughly 3,500 square feet and three or five bedrooms of their own.

“The possibilities are endless and only on inspection can this castle and its beautiful location be truly appreciated,” Maison Real Estate says in its listing.


Before being shown on Game of Thrones, Gosford Castle, built in the mid-1800s by the 2nd Earl of Gosford, Archibald Acheson, was used as a personal home, used by the military, and rented out as a hotel, CNET reports. During World War II, the castle served an important part in a war entirely different than the approaching GoT war, serving as a residence to house the troops while a separate section was used as a prisoner of war camp.

In 2011, the castle made its small screen debut, standing in as the residence of Catelyn Stark's family, House Tully’s Riverrun, on HBO’s debut season of Game of Thrones before eventually being overtaken by the House Frey. In season 3 of the series, the castle served as the setting for Rickard Karstark’s beheading at Robb Stark’s hands, which put in motion the events that would lead to the now infamous Red Wedding.