Game of Thrones Reveals What Happens to Ghost

The Battle of Winterfell finally happened last week, and fans of Game of Thrones are still reeling over all of the terrible losses and surprising wins. However, one character’s fate was unclear by the time the episode ended. Ghost, the direwolf belonging to Jon Snow, was seen at the front lines when the fighting began, but whether or not he survived was left unanswered. Of course, it’s always unlikely that a character on the series will die off-screen (the Blackfish being an exception), but fans still couldn’t help but worry about the direwolf. Thankfully, tonight’s episode has revealed that Ghost is, in fact, alive.

While he’s a little beat up and bloody, Ghost lived to see another day. As of now, he’s one of only two direwolves left on the series. Nymeria, the direworlf who used to belong to Arya Stark before being set free in the wild, was last season in season seven when Arya came across her in the woods.

Ghost has now appeared in three of this season’s four episodes, and while he didn’t get much screen time, it’s still more than we’ve seen of him in a while. Before the quick glimpse of him in “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms,” we hadn’t seen Ghost onscreen since the season six episode “The Red Woman.”

Considering Game of Throne’s history with killing direwolves, it’s surprising Ghost managed to survive the Battle of Winterfell. Lady (Sansa Stark’s direwolf) died early in season one when Robert Baratheon forced Ned Stark to put her down in Nymeria’s place after the latter bit Joffrey. Next, came Grey Wind (Robb Stark’s direwolf), who was killed during the Red Wedding. Summer (Bran’s direwolf) and Shaggy Dog (Rickon’s direwolf) were both killed in season six. The former when the wights attacked Bran and company in “The Door." Shaggy Dog was MIA for three years until his severed head was presented to the Boltons by the Umbers before the Battle of the Bastards. All in all, Westeros has not been kind to their furry friends.

If you’re worried about what’s to come in the final episodes of the series, you’re not wrong. The series’ writer and producer, Bryan Cogman, recently shared that audience opinion does not factor into their decisions.

"We just have to tell the story we want to tell and feel the rhythm of the story as we're laying it out," Cogman explained. "There aren't any conversations about what people are going to think. If it feels right, that's what we do.”

What else do you think will happen in this episode? Tell us in the comments!

Game of Thrones airs Sunday nights on HBO TV at 9pm EST.



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