Game of Thrones: What is the Night's Watch?

Well, after nine long years Game of Thrones has finally come to a close. Whether you loved the final season or absolutely hated it, the game is now over. The world of Westeros is now a completely different place, and the people inhabiting it now have a different story to tell. The ending of the series send many characters to many different places, and brought up storylines that haven't been mentioned in quite a while. For example, the Night's Watch has been mostly left alone for the past couple of years, so some people may be confused as to what was going on at the end. Don't worry, we've got you covered.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the series finale of Game of Thrones! Continue reading at your own risk...

At the end of the series, Jon Snow was sent back to the Night's Watch, mirroring his journey from the first season of the show. The Night's Watch is a group of men who are either banished from Westeros or choose to give up their lives and houses to "take the black" and protect the country at its northern most border.

There is a place at the northern wall called Castle Black, and it's where the Night's Watch resides. It's their job to keep Wildlings out (though Jon bucked that trend a long time ago) and send search parties out into the northern snows to discover what threats could be out there. When the Long Night was to arrive, they would be the first line of defense, hence the name.

However, with the threat of the Night King eliminated, and the Wildlings being accepted as a part of society, Jon now has other plans for the Night's Watch. Once again the Lord Commander, Jon is seen in the last scene of the show leading a group of Wildlings back out North of the wall to explore life, and restore order to what the Night King destroyed.


One thing is for sure, the Night's Watch will certainly be much different than it was when the show first began.

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