Remembering Hugh Hefner's 'The Simpsons' Cameo

Earlier this week, the world lost Hugh Hefner, who passed away at age 91. The media mogul's impact has been felt pretty substantially over the years, partially thanks to his various cameos across pop culture.

To this day, one of Hefner's most notable cameos is his character on The Simpsons. Portraying a tongue-and-cheek version of himself, Hefner appeared in the Season 4 finale 'Krusty Gets Kancelled', in a clip that you can check out above.

In the episode, Bart visited the Playboy mansion to seek Hefner's help in the Krusty Comeback Special. Hefner gave Bart a tour of the mansion, revealing that it secretly included a laboratory, biosphere, and alternative energy research center. Hefner then opened the door to show a group of Playboy Bunnies working in laboratory attire.

The fictional version of Hefner then agreed to appear in Bart's special, playing a song by rubbing the rims of wine glasses.

Hefner's cameo has remained a significant one for some Simpsons fans, even earning his own action figure back in 2014.


While Hefner led a pretty controversial life, many have been acknowledging his significance in the wake of his passing. Former Playmates and other celebrities have shared their reactions to Hefner's passing, while those in the geek world have appreciated his comic book background and his inspiration for a certain Stan Lee cameo.