Kim's Convenience: Shang-Chi Star Simu Liu Still Angry About Show's Early Cancellation

Last month fans were stunned by the news that beloved Canadian sitcom Kim's Convenience was coming to an end with its current season, Season 5, but it wasn't just fans who were upset. Series star Simu Liu, who is set to start in Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings this summer, took to social media after the announcement to express his disappointment and heartbreak. Now, Liu has again taken to social media about the series' end, writing that he had a lot of thoughts about the series' cancellation -- and that he's still angry about it all.

On Monday, the day before the Kim's Convenience finale on April 13th, Liu wrote that "hours of therapy are sure to follow" for him and that he has "tea and receipts" about the show's cancellation that will remain in his head for the time being.

"On the eve of what is now to be the series finale of Kim's Convenience, I hoped I'd be at a point where I could speak about it with a clear head," Liu wrote. "But the truth is I'm still pretty f**king angry. Hours of therapy are sure to follow. You all deserved a proper ending."

He added, "I have thoughts about our 'cancellation', and they come with rea and receipts. For now, they will remain in my head."

Kim's Convenience depicted the Korean Canadian Kim family as they ran a convenience store in Toronto. The series starred Paul Sun-Hyung Lee as Appa, Jean Yoon as Umma, Andrea Bang as their daughter Janet and Liu as their estranged son, Jung. The series was popular on the CBC in Canada and had also found a significant audience in the United States due to a streaming deal with Netflix. When the cancellation was announced in March, Liu wrote a statement that read, in part, that he was pained fans would never see the full reconciliation between Jung and Appa, but also wrote that he had fully expected to come back for a sixth season.


"I know what you're thinking and, to be clear, I was fully expecting to come back for our sixth season," Liu wrote. "In fact, I was probably more excited than I've ever been; in many ways I thought Jung would be liberated this coming season, and he would finally get to show some of the growth that I had begged our writers for year after year. It pains me that we will never see the full reconciliation between Jung and Appa. It pains me that we will never see Jung figure out what he wants to do with his life. Most of all, it pains me that we will never see the Kims all together as a family, bidding farewell to the bodega that has defined their immigrant journey. I was all in this year. I wanted to be in every episode. I wanted to participate in the writer's room. I wanted to direct an episode. I feel that we deserved better. I feel that you, our most amazing fans, deserved better."

You can watch the first four seasons of Kim's Convenience streaming now on Netflix. The Season 5 -- and series -- finale of aired April 13th on CBC in Canada.