Bizarre Marvel Fan Theory Suggests Loki Will Become the New Thor in Disney+ Show

Like many other characters in the Marvel mythos, Thor Odinson hasn't been the only character to [...]

Like many other characters in the Marvel mythos, Thor Odinson hasn't been the only character to pick up the Thor mantle. There's also been Jane Foster, Beta Ray Bills, or dozens of other members of the Thor Corps. With Natalie Portman's Jane Foster set to pick up the name in Taika Waititi's Thor: Love and Thunder, it stands to reason the Thor Corps might be something we stumble across in live-action at one point or another. In fact, one intriguing (yet totally bizarre) fan theory suggests Loki (Tom Hiddleston) will become another Thor in his solo Disney+ series due out next year.

Shared by apparent Loki megafan u/TheMediocreCritic, Loki escaping the present timeline in Avengers: Endgame sets off a chain reaction that will lead to the deaths of both Foster and Thor (Chris Hemsworth). While the theorist says Loki won't be the one to kill the duo, they note the God of Mischief also saved the pair in Thor: The Dark World. Loki also saved Thor and the rest of Asgard in Thor: Ragnarok.

Because of Thor's untimely passing, the theorist posits, Loki will be sent on a character arc where he wants to turn into the God of Thunder in order to pay respects to his older brother.

"This storyline could also lend itself to intriguing timeline crossovers later in the MCU with Thor from the main timeline coming into contact with his brother," the theorists says. "The showrunners have said that Loki will be jumping around through historic events, he may be doing this is an effort to fix the past in his timeline. His guilt for his part in the new, infinitely worst timeline would help him to change into a worthy hero."

They add, "Since Loki does have the tesseract, he could also go between timelines(yes, it does work like that), thus keeping our favorite gold horned god in the MCU. In the future, we could even see Loki as an ally of the Avengers. It would be a perfect arc, from villain to hero, foe to friend."

Loki is currently expected to hit Disney+ next spring.

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