Lucifer Season 5 Netflix Premiere Date Revealed

Netflix has revealed that Lucifer season 5 will premiere on August 21st! The streaming service [...]

Lucifer Netflix Season 5 Premiere Date

Netflix has revealed that Lucifer season 5 will premiere on August 21st! The streaming service revealed the release date for the next chapter of Lucifer by dropping a "66.6 second" trailer for season 5, which reveals a steamy look at show star Tom Ellis getting back to his devilish ways - and bedding quite a few ladies in the process. The NX Twitter feed released the new footage and release date with the caption, "We know you can't wait for Lucifer season five, so here's a devilish 66.6 second to keep you sinful until Season Five pt. 1 drops on August 21st".

This announcement of Lucifer season 5 officially dropping is a big win for the series and the larger DC Comics fandom, which is having an amazing run of wins in 2020. Netflix was already looking to continue Lucifer through season 6, and despite some big turbulence with contract negotiations, Tom Ellis secured his Lucifer return, and season 6 is now officially rolling forward, full steam, with showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson also locked in.

With season 6 now officially in the works, Lucifer season 5 is going to be something of an odd bird, as it was once going to serve as the series' ending. The Lucifer season 5 episode titles teased as much; the season 5 finale episode is even titled "A Chance At a Happy Ending", with the tagline "The final episode of Lucifer, the final fight with dad." Since we now know that won't be the case, it's going to be a bit of winking fun to watch this fifth season pull an about-face to set up season 6.

As for Lucifer season 5: Netflix bumped the initial episode order up from 10 to 16, which was significant because Lucifer season 4 and 5 were initially planned to be Netflix's two-part conclusion to the series, which would've been one 20+ episode season on Fox. It was speculated that the extra six episodes were supposed to provide true closure to the series - which is again, not happening now. Still, season 5 will bring highlights - such as a long-awaited musical episode.

Lucifer Season 5 premieres on Netflix on August 21st.