Lucifer Writers Reveal Season Five Episode Title Teasing Heartbreak

Earlier today the news came that the fifth season and final season of Lucifer on Netflix may no [...]

Earlier today the news came that the fifth season and final season of Lucifer on Netflix may no longer be the final chapter for the titular devil. Though it's not entirely clear if Netflix will actually order more episodes of the series, the writers seem to be planning for that to be the case as they've revealed the title of one of the final episodes of season five that seems to hint at finality. Written by Chris Rafferty and set to be directed by Lisa Demaine, episode 5.14 of the series is titled "Nothing Lasts Forever," which has fans online freaking out and also wondering, "Does it though?"

TVLine broke the news last night that the producers of Lucifer and the streaming service are in early talks for a sixth season of the series. This wouldn't seem like a huge surprise if the series hadn't had its fifth season already labeled as the final entry. If you've been reading the room though it may not be too much of a surprise. When the final batch of episodes was ordered in June it was to be a ten episode final season, just one month later Netflix upped the episode count for the final season to sixteen episodes total, which will debut in eight episode batches.

So should another season officially be ordered, which as of this writing it has not, that would make this season five episode title slightly ironic. If Lucifer does return for a sixth season that will mean its life on Netflix will be just as long as when it was airing on FOX. The series previously aired three seasons on the television network before being cancelled, but after a campaign by fans of the series to see it return, Netflix stepped in and gave it a new home. Lucifer's total episode count while on FOX was much higher than its Netflix counterpart though.

Tom Ellis once again leads the series which will see not only the appearance of God in the series, but feature Amenadiel going to Hell, the return of Eve, a 1940s noir-themed episode, and a musical episode as well.

The first four seasons of Lucifer are currently available on Netflix, with a fifth (and not-so-final?) season planned for later this year.