Mad Men Leaving Netflix in June

As the great TV exodus continues over at Netflix, the streaming service is preparing to lose one of its most popular long-running titles. AMC's Mad Men has been a TV staple for Netflix users over the years, hitting the streaming service before the series was even finished airing on TV, which helped its popularity grow in the process. Sadly, next month will mark the end of an era, as Mad Men is set to leave Netflix in the middle of June.

The streaming deal for Mad Men at Netflix has apparently expired, as the show is making its exit from the streaming service on June 10th. There wasn't any announcement made about Mad Men's departure, nor has Netflix released its list of titles leaving the service in June. But if you go to the "details" section of the Mad Men page on Netflix, you'll see that it says it's available until June 10th.

Mad Men already left Netflix in Australia, and is set to leave Netflix in the UK on June 9th, just a day before its US departure. It's clear that the studio is ready to move Mad Men to a different streaming home, which is a big loss for Netflix. All seven seasons of the series will soon be gone.

There's no telling at this point where Mad Men will begin streaming next, but don't expect it to be stuck in limbo for very long. Given its popularity over the years, there's a good chance there was a bidding war for the rights to stream Mad Men going forward.


Over the next year, Netflix is set to lose a couple of its biggest titles to other services. Both Parks and Recreation and The Office are heading to their permanent streaming home, NBCUniversal's Peacock. That 70s Show sees its streaming contract expire later this year as well, so it could also be on the way out. All of these losses come on the heels of Netflix saying goodbye to popular shows like Friends and Scandal in 2020.

Are you disappointed to see Mad Men leaving Netflix? Where do you think it will end up streaming next? Let us know in the comments!

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