Should Marvel Do A Captain America Infinity Stones Series With Chris Evans?

Marvel fans got a thrill today when they learned that Chris Evans is returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even though Evans won't confirm anything, trades say that he's "in at least one Marvel property, with the door open for a second film." Speculation has now turned to where and how Evans could show up in the MCU's Phase 4 slate - as well as what new projects Marvel Studios could do with Evans back in the fold. One interesting notion sprung up in chat threads as fans reacted to the news of Evan's MCU comeback: a Captain AmericaInfinity Stones series, which could help fill in some major MCU plotholes.

Captain America Infinity Stones Series MCU Chris Evans
(Photo: Ellejart/Instagram)

Avengers: Endgame ended the big war with Thanos in climatic fashion - followed by a very quick epilogue that left fans asking some pretty big questions. The biggest mind-twister was Steve Rogers/Captain America (Chris Evans) volunteering to go solo on the mission to return the six Infinity Stones to their proper points in the timeline, so as not to disrupt the flow of history. The Russo Bros. and their scriptwriters got around the obvious intrigue of what happens on Cap's Infinity Stone return trip, by throwing in the quick reveal of "Old Man Steve Rogers" arriving just as his younger counterpart left. However, since Endgame's run in theaters, fans have had a lot more questions about the resolution of the Infinity Stones/Time Heist plotline.

Well, a limited series about Captain America's actual experience returning each Infinity Stone could be a much-needed epilogue to the Infinity Saga. Each stone comes with obvious complications and powers that could make it difficult for Cap to easily return it - along with plenty of fun potential MCU character cameos, as Rogers revisits key Infinity Stone moments from other films.

On a deeper level, it would allow Cap to wrestle with some deep temptations of power and godhood (something the character has done in the comics), as he holds the means to change events or reality itself. That could be key to helping Marvel fans better understand why Rogers ultimately chooses the life with Peggy in the 1950s - and just how his elder self exists in the same timeline as Endgame's events. There's also a tremendous opportunity to take Captain America to Planet Vormir, for a long-awaited reunion with Red Skull - and a much-needed conversation with Scarlet Johansson's Black Widow, who still deserves some kind of better eulogy than she got in Endgame.

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