Marvel's Moon Knight Star Oscar Isaac Confirms His Brother's Double Role

Oh, brother! Oscar Isaac isn't the only actor playing double roles in Marvel Studios' Moon Knight. The Disney+ series stars Isaac as a superhero with dissociative identity disorder​: sharing the same body are mild-mannered gift shop employee Steven Grant and mercenary Marc Spector. In a new interview with TheWrap, Isaac confirmed his brother, Netflix's Triple Frontier actor Michael Benjamin Hernandez, doubled as Steven/Marc in scenes where Isaac plays both identities — often at the same time​. 

"You know who really was my co-star throughout this whole thing was my brother. I had my brother, Michael Hernandez, he's an actor, as well. I had him either play Steven or Marc, depending on the scene," Isaac told TheWrap. "It's the closest thing to me there is, is my little bro (laughs). So it was actually fantastic to have him there in my corner to be able to work with." 

Director Mohamed Diab, who directed the six-episode event series with duo Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson, previously revealed Isaac's initial approach to playing Steven and Marc against their respective "man in the mirror": by portraying the separate personalities on different days. 

"At the beginning, it wasn't clear to us who Marc is and who Steven is. Oscar at the beginning wanted only to [embody] Steven a day and Marc a day, never on the same day," Diab told "After a while there were a couple of scenes where he was talking in the mirror, and I told him, 'Why don't you try [both characters]?' I kept pushing him and giving him encouragement. All of a sudden, he did this magical thing." 

According to Diab, Isaac began to switch between Steven (and his superhero identity Mr. Knight) and Marc (and his superhero identity Moon Knight) so effortlessly that "when the camera is just panning all of a sudden, he's someone else. Once he's Marc, you see him getting taller. When he's Steven, he's so approachable." 

New episodes of Marvel's Moon Knight are streaming Wednesdays on Disney+.