Prey Star Amber Midthunder Shares Reaction To Marvel Studios' Newest Hero

Prey star Amber Midthunder is beyond excited for Marvel Studios' newest hero. This week, the company announced that a new character named Kahhori would debut in What If…? This season. Now, the move has been applauded online for Marvel Studios' willingness to listen to experts from the Mohawk Nation. The Prey actress says that she's looking at this one from the audience perspective like the rest of us. (That hasn't stopped a lot of fans asking for her to be the voice actor for the character anyway! To wit, she also jokingly said that it isn't like that reveal would be up to her anyway.) So, the world waits to see what exactly What If…? Season 2 will bring with the young hero.

For Marvel Studios, writer Ryan Little developed the character alongside Mohawk Nation historian Doug George and Mohawk language expert Cecelia King. In a first for the company, Kahhori is a completely new creation without a past in the comics at all. So, the storytelling possibilities are endless. Check out some of their creative process down below!

How What If...? Worked With The Mohawk Nation On This Character

"It tells a remarkable story from a Native-Mohawk perspective which is truly unique and historical, and will give the viewers a new, challenging and entertaining perspective on this land's first peoples. The story is dramatic, the characters fully realized, and the action sequences are breathtaking," George explained to "The episode is exceptional in another sense--it is done with the complete cooperation of the Mohawk people from dialogue to adornment."

Little added, "I had a wonderful writing mentor who worked extensively with the Indigenous community in upstate New York, and I was excited to draw on that experience to build an entirely original corner of the MCU with storylines for new Indigenous heroes written from a place of respect for past generations and optimism for future ones. Kahhori, pronounced 'KAH-HORTI,' is a real, Wolf Clan name, meaning 'she stirs the forest' or is someone who motivates those around her. In her debut adventure, Kahhori will have to live up to her name to recruit powerful allies into the fight to save her people and change the course of history forever."

For those wondering about Kahhori's story in What If…?, Marvel says that the young hero will be from a world where The Tesseract from The Avengers ended up in The Haudenosaunee Confederacy. It will be up to the newly-powered heroine to explore the world and eventually head for the stars to discover her true power. This is a timeline/world where America has not ben colonized yet. So, you could see how Midthunder would be excited given her stint in the Predator franchise.

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