Moon Knight: Marvel Studios Rumored to Be Interested in Keanu Reeves for Lead Role

Casting for Moon Knight is well underway, and one new rumor suggests Marvel Studios is looking at [...]

Casting for Moon Knight is well underway, and one new rumor suggests Marvel Studios is looking at a Hollywood fan-favorite to play the show's titular character. According to a casting grid obtained by the sleuths at The Illuminerdi, Kevin Feige and company are looking at Keanu Reeves as someone who could lead the franchise. Though it doesn't expressly state if Reeves is attached to the series or in talks for that matter, the grid reportedly says the studio is looking for an actor in their 40s to 50s to play Spector, a grizzled veteran-turned-mercenary.

Buried in the initial report is that Marvel's also close to starting production on the Disney+ series. According to the same grid, the House of Ideas is ideally hoping to start production by the end of the year, with the possibility of rolling cameras as early as November.

It should be noted that grids often times aren't something necessarily approved by studio heads and more often than not, they're something typed up and distributed by casting agents. After all, a similar situation arose when a grid surfaced that said Marvel Studios was looking for an Alison Brie-type to play She-Hulk, a role that later went to Tatiana Maslany.

The age range for Spector is certainly on the older side, especially when compared to the other heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe like Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), Spider-Man (Tom Holland), and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). Even then, Reeves himself is on the higher end of the range, as he just turned 56 earlier this month.

That said, the actor is someone Marvel Studios has been in constant contact with, and setting him as Moon Knight could end up as one of the House of Idea's biggest castings to date.

"We talk to him for almost every film we make," Feige told last summer. "We talk to Keanu Reeves about. I don't know when, if, or ever he'll join the MCU, but we very much want to figure out the right way to do it."

Then there's a question of the actor's availability. He's currently filming The Matrix 4 for Warner Brothers, something that was delayed six months due to the global pandemic. After that, he's signed on to do John Wick: Chapter 4, and if that goes well, Lionsgate has already put John Wick: Chapter 5 into development.

Moon Knight has yet to set a release date.

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