Mr. Robot Final Season Preview Released

For three seasons, Mr. Robot has documented a fictionalized but seemingly plausible end of the [...]

For three seasons, Mr. Robot has documented a fictionalized but seemingly plausible end of the world. We'll now see if we can come back from the brink, or if we're doomed when the final season of the award winning-series starring Rami Malek returns to USA Network later this year.

The first teaser trailer for Mr. Robot Season 4 just debuted, offering fans a glimpse at Elliot Alderson as he's being chastised by a figure appearing off screen, in what looks to be his mother's home. Take a look in the video player above.

This sequence will likely be he huge for Mr. Robot fans, as we haven't seen Elliot's mother's home since Season 2, and even then it was just a fabrication. Elliot was actually in prison, but was imagining himself living under a self-imposed house arrest after kidnapping the dog of an abusive owner (not to mention a guy cheating on his wife with his therapist — it's a long story).

Elliot's mother has played an influential figure on the series if only for her absence. While she still has an impact on the enigmatic hacker and his sister Darlene, she has not yet played a large role in the ongoing struggle between Elliot, Mr. Robot, and the Dark Army.

In the clip, she appears to be chastising Elliot for his actions, asking how many people had to suffer because of what he wants and how he achieves his goals. This has been an underlying theme of the series, while Elliot does resent his father for pushing him out of a window when he was a child, and right fully so, it has shown his mother to be a source of anxiety and restlessness — but she also provides a sense of comfort.

With the Dark Army's plan in full steam and the mysterious White Rose getting everything she wants, it remains to be seen if Elliot and Mr. Robot can sustain a working relationship and hit CTRL + Z on all of their mistakes.

We'll see how it all comes together when Mr. Robot Season 4 premieres on the USA Network this fall.