NBC Cancels Fan-Favorite Series After Four Seasons

Yet another axe has fallen at NBC with the network cancelling another fan-favorite TV series. The [...]

Yet another axe has fallen at NBC with the network cancelling another fan-favorite TV series. The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the drama series Good Girls has been cancelled after four seasons. Those hoping for a streamer to pick up the show in the wake of its NBC end will be sad to hear that they already tried it and it didn't work. THR notes that there was an attempt to shift the series to Netflix for a fifth season but those efforts "have imploded and the series will not make the move." Good Girls joins Manifest, Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist and Debris as shows cancelled by NBC so far this season.

Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Retta star in the series, telling the story of a trio of women strapped for cash and pushed to rob stores, banks, and counterfeit money to make up for their financial straits. Five episodes remain in the shows fourth season and will reportedly continue to air on the network. To make things slightly more tragic for fans of the show, in addition to a deal at Netflix falling apart, that was the second break down in negotiations after NBC and Universal TV couldn't come to an agreement for a fifth and final season. The network reportedly wanted to renew it before these talks fell apart.

In linear ratings Good Girls has never really captured an audience, but the series was always built around selling the streaming video on demand rights to Netflix prior to air (which is where it picked up many of its viewers). This means the show had a direct pipeline to the streamer after season would conclude but also hindered further potential profits to Universal Television. To add yet another wrinkle to all this, the deal was made prior to NBC Universal launched their own streaming service, Peacock, and as a result the series is unable to move to that platform.

This isn't the first time that a cancelled NBC series this season has failed to leap to another platform, including their own. An attempt was made to move Manifest to Netflix, with the series wrapping up three seasons into a five season plan, but a deal failed to come together. Even musical fantasy series Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist hasn't found a new home since it was cancelled earlier this year, but hope for that show remains.