Netflix Users Still Campaigning to Save Canceled Series 'Gypsy'

Almost a year after Netflix pulled the plug on its original series Gypsy, fans of the series are still rallying to get the show picked up for a second season.

It has been almost a year since Netflix announced the cancellation of its ten-part psychological Naomi Watts-starring thriller Gypsy, marking one of the fastest shows on the streaming platform to get the ax, but fans are still pushing for a second season renewal, launching a new campaign in the hopes of gaining the attention of those in charge.

While fans rallied behind the show and expressed their upset immediately following the announcement of Gypsy's cancellation, their campaign for its renewal has reached a new level, with fan group Easy Tigers making phone calls, mailing letters, sending emails, and creating mailed-in creative campaigns in an attempt to bring their favorite show back. Their most recent push involved posting three billboards in Hollywood, two of which are located just outside of Netflix's Los Angeles office.

"Lisa Rubin created something incredibly special and important in Gypsy. She created something desperately needed in an intriguing, smart and beautiful way…I think the strong themes covered in Gypsy like addiction, gender, sexuality, mother-daughter relationships, authenticity and truth all told by strong female characters enabled many of us to see parts of ourselves represented on television for the very first time. To see a female protagonist, in a role which is typically only written for a man, who is messy, flawed, and stumbling while in search of her truth is something we desperately need more of," Christi, one of the administrators of Easy Tigers, a fan group made up of fans around the world campaigning for a Gypsy renewal, told What's on Netflix.

Netflix announced the series' cancellation in August, roughly a month after its premiere, causing Gypsy to join the ranks of a number of other high profile and controversial cancellations that Netflix has made, including Sense8, Everything Sucks, and Girl Boss. The cancellation of Sense8 prompted a similar campaign, with angry fans calling for a series renewal and Netflix eventually announcing a two-hour finale movie to tie up loose ends.


So far, Easy Tigers' efforts have not yet garnered a response from Netflix, NBCUniversal, or Working Title.