Netflix's Lupin Part 3 is Now Filming

Netflix's hit new series Lupin has officially begun shooting on its third batch of episodes. Series star Omar Sy took to Twitter to make the announcement along with the official Netflix account, both of which revealed filming is underway. Inspired by the Arsène Lupin series (which also gave birth to the Lupin III manga franchise) the Netflix series follows gentleman thief Assane Diop who models himself after the classic character. The first two parts of the series were released in 2021, quickly becoming a major hit for Netflix upon its release. Check out the photo of Sy on set below!

After the release of Lupin Part 1 Netflix revealed that the streaming numbers were solid for the adaptation, claiming that 76 million member accounts watched the show within its first 28 days of release. The sheer size of these numbers made Lupin the #1 rated non-English Netflix series of all time, a record that would be broken just months later after Squid Game became the biggest show in the history of the streaming service. Even after being dethroned, Lupin remains a top-tier original for Netflix, even beating out The Witcher, Stranger Things season 3, and Tiger King, in its initial ratings.

"If I were British, I would have said James Bond, but since I'm French, I said Lupin," Sy previously told The New York Times about why he wanted the role to begin with. "He's playful, he's clever, he steals, he's surrounded by women. Plus, he's a character who plays characters. For an actor, he's the best. Honestly, it was just something you had to know, a part of culture. Later on, I connected the dots between the books, the TV shows I saw as a kid, and some mangas. I became totally addicted by working on 'Lupin.'"

"It's the first time I play this kind of father, who has a lot of baggage and questions," Sy continued. "I'm always interested in fatherhood. It's not easy, and you don't know whether you were a good dad or a bad one until your children are grown up… The idea of inheritance moves me — what do we retain and what do we pass on? For me that's the true meaning of life, what makes us human."

Check back here for new details on Lupin Part 3 as we learn about it, and stream the first two parts now on Netflix.