Netflix Reveals Lupin Is Biggest French Hit, Projected For Over 70 Million Views

Lupin is set to be a huge hit for Netflix in its first four weeks, with the French TV series on pace to be viewed by 70 million subscribers during that important window. The numbers, which identified Lupin as the company's biggest French hit, come ahead of a full earnings report due out this week. Based on the novels by Maurice Leblanc, Lupin stars Omar Sy of X-Men: Days of Future Past fame. The books center on Arsène Lupin, a gentleman thief and master of disguise. According to Netflix's announcement, the series is a global hit, not just confined to French-speaking markets.

The statement noted that the series has staked out a top spot on Netflix's Top 10 list in "dozens of countries," including Brazil, Germany, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Sweden. A week after its release, the series was Netflix's second-most-watched program and the only French series ever to break into the American top 10, according to The Guardian.

Sy plays Assane Diop, who recreates some of his hero Lupin's heists, alongside The New Pope's Ludivine Sagnier, Chocolat's Clotilde Hesme, and Nicole Garcia of Who You Think I Am.

"Since the release of the series, the original Maurice Leblanc book has regained interest internationally 114 years after it's first release, with it now trending on many marketplaces in France, Italy, Spain, the U.S., the U.K., Korea and others," Netflix's statement read (via THR).

Lupin's numbers were impressive enough to top those of buzzy Netflix titles like Bridgerton and The Queen's Gambit. A second batch of episodes (which, like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, will be called "Part Two" rather than "season two") is planned for later this year.


Besides X-Men: Days of Future Past, American audiences know Sy for his roles in Jurassic World and 2020's The Call of the Wild.

Later today, Netflix will unveil its latest quarterly subscriber and financial results. The update will also provide guidance for investors on their projections for 2021 and the performance of many of their Netflix Originals.