New Hulu Comedy Series Has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes

This week, Disney+ and Hulu greenlit another season of Extraordinary before the first one even aired, and now we know why. All eight episodes of the new series' first season debuted on Hulu this week, and it's currently got an impressive Rotten Tomatoes score. The series follows a woman named Jen (Máiréad Tyers) who grapples with being the only non-powered person in a world where everyone has a super ability. Currently, its critics' score is 100% after 14 reviews and its audience score is 90% after 51 reviews. You can read what some of the critics are saying below... 

"True to its title, Extraordinary combines and tweaks familiar tropes into something genuinely unique. That it also makes Deadpool look about as audacious as The Incredibles is just a bonus," Judy Berman (TIME Magazine) wrote.

"Quite the unusual thing -- a sci-fi-inflected coming-of-age story and a sitcom that's actually funny," John Anderson (Wall Street Journal) added.

"It's funny, naughty, and full of the highs and lows of a writer given leeway to try some stuff out... Extraordinary's superpower is its freshness. It's not always extraordinary, but it's never dull," Benji Wilson (Daily Telegraph (UK)) shared.

"It's a promising, hilarious start to a series that never takes itself too seriously, no matter how crude and uncomfortable some of these powers may get," Abby Cavenaugh (Collider) wrote. 

"It stands out from the crowd compared to other superpower shows," Keith Watson ( offered.

Sofia Oxenham plays Jen's best friend in the new series, and she recently spoke to Wonderland Magazine about her "big break." 

"Thank you so much. Who knows? I feel like big breaks are something of a myth and you never really know if it was your big break until years later," Oxenham explained. "All I know is that I had an absolute blast making this show, and it was such a joy from start to finish. I feel so lucky to have worked with such an incredible team and inhabit the world in which Emma Moran created."

She also shared the following with Collider about being drawn to the show: "It felt very fresh and different, and as soon as I read the scripts, I was kind of laughing out loud and I just felt very excited when I read the scripts and the world that Emma has created. It just felt something, it felt like something I really wanted to be part of, and it felt very original and different. And I think she's got such a unique voice and the way she writes is so specific. It felt like a kind of golden opportunity to be part of some, something like that."

Extraordinary is now streaming on Hulu.