'Orange Is the New Black': Taystee Gets Betrayed in Season 6, Danielle Brooks Says

During the upcoming sixth season of Orange is the New Black, series star Danielle Brooks says that her character Tasha "Taystee" Jefferson will get betrayed.

She alluded to the plot-point during a recent interview with Variety, in which Brooks dropped clues about what fans can expect.

"I feel like there's so many people out there like Taystee who really are incredible human beings, incredible people, but the cards that they're dealt never really pan out for them," the actress said. "They're kind of always getting the two of clubs, they never really get the joker, and I feel like that's what her situation has always been."

"She realizes that some people really are in it for themselves. They really are not loyal; they will do anything for their own personal gain or personal success," Brooks continued. "We definitely see this season how she deals with the people that she thought had her back not being there for her."

Regarding how Taystee will handle the impending betrayal, Brooks said that she thinks "at this point it's really about battle" with the characters.

"It's like, am I going to fight for myself now? I've fought for everybody else. I've fought for people to really come to love Vee, and that didn't work," she added. "I've fought for my relationship with Poussey and that didn't work and she's gone."

"I've even fought for the relationship with Crazy Eyes, but mentally she's not there. So now it's time for her to fight for herself. Caputo tries to step up and be that father figure for her, encouraging her," Brooks went on to say. "But as far as where she's going to end up, I don't know. I'm terrified."

Later, Brooks addressed speculation that she could leave the show in season seven, or that it could end entirely at that point.

"I don't know. I am dreading it. Whatever happens, whether we go on for five more years or whether season seven is the last year, I'll go on the ride," she confessed. "I'm down to see where this takes me because this is still the beginning of my career. This is my first major break. It's given me so much."

"My heart starts feel a little heavy knowing that we might be coming to an end because, especially with my character being a little bit more isolated from all of the other main characters on the show, it's sort of like damn, can I just rewind the tape real quick? Can I just rewind time and take in those moments a little bit more? To spend more time with my girls, to really soak up those moments that we got to create together," Brooks added.


Fans can catch all the laughs and drama when season six of Orange is the New Black premiers on Netflix on July 27.