Peacock Releases First Teaser Trailer for Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin Spinoff Series

The Pitch Perfect franchise is returning to the screen this fall, thanks to Peacock and a fan-favorite character known as Bumper Allen. This November, Peacock is set to debut Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin, a spinoff series that sees Adam Devine reprise his role from the film trilogy. While the series isn't arriving online for another month-and-a-half, Peacock is starting to get fans excited by unveiling Bumper in Berlin's first teaser trailer.

Peacock released the teaser trailer this week, and it focuses solely on the titular Bumper. Instead of showing footage from the show, the teaser is more of a viral video, showing off many of Bumper's musical skills and helping him ultimately lang a new gig. You can check it out in the video below!

Devine returns to the franchise for Bumper in Berlin alongside Flula Borg, reprising his role as Pieter Krämer from Pitch Perfect 2. The series tells the story of Bumper heading to Berlin after his musical TikTok goes viral in Germany. Pieter, now a music manager, signs him as his only client. Bumper in Berlin also stars Sarah Hyland, Lera Abova, and Jameela Jamil.

Megan Amram serves as show runner, writer, and executive producer for Bumper in Berlin. Franchise director Elizabeth Banks also serves as an executive producer, alongside Max Handelman, Paul Brooks, Scott Neimeyer, and Adam Devine.

"With Bumper in Berlin, the other producers and I decided we wanted to expand the world of Pitch Perfect into something recognizable yet unique," said Amram. "We wanted to keep what made the movies special but create a new world that felt completely original. To take the elements of the movies we know and love -- the humor, the camaraderie, and the music -- and make it something sweet and absurd. Two beloved characters from the movies are joined by a whole new cast of characters who hopefully inject a freshness and absurdity to the franchise the world already adores."


Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin is set to debut its first season on Peacock on November 23rd.

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