Poker Face: Clea DuVall Teases Potential Return in Season 2

Rian Johnson's new hit series, Poker Face, amassed a huge collection of guest stars throughout its first season on Peacock. Several well-known actors were able to join the show because their characters were only in the story for one or two episodes, popping into the open road life of Natasha Lyonne's Charlie Cale as she solved her weekly mysteries. There's a good chance many of those guest stars won't be returning in Season 2, but Clea DuVall is one of the few exceptions, and she's made it clear that she would like to come back for more episodes in the future.

DuVall, who first worked with Lyonne back 1999's But I'm a Cheerleader, appeared in the final episode of Poker Face Season 1 as Charlie's estranged sister. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, DuVall addressed her potential return in the second season, which Peacock has already ordered.

"I would love to come back," DuVall said. "Natasha's character is so fascinating and, as an audience member, I want to know more about where she came from and her personal history. So I think they would make room for me to come back, for sure."

In addition to working together in But I'm a Cheerleader, DuVall and Lyonne reunited for DuVall's directorial debut, The Intervention, in 2016. It made saying "yes" to Poker Face an easy choice for DuVall.

"I really thought it was a great role, especially because Natasha and I have such a long, rich, history that playing sisters – and playing sisters who have such a challenging past – and being able to draw from the experience of being friends for so long felt like a really fun area to play in," the actor and filmmaker said. "Even though it's darker, there's something that happens when you are onscreen with someone who you have such a close, personal relationship that doesn't happen normally."

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The first season of Poker Face is available to stream on Peacock.