Poker Face Showrunners Address If SPOILER Will Be in Season 2

The season finale of Poker Face is now streaming on Peacock, and it sets up a lot of excitement for Season 2Warning: Spoilers Ahead! After a year of running from her former boss, Mr. Sterling (Ron Perlman), and his right-hand man, Cliff Legrand (Benjamin Bratt), Charlie Cale (Natasha Lyonne) is finally caught and taken to Atlantic City to meet her fate. Charlie fully expects Sterling to kill her, but he offers her a job instead. Unfortunately, Sterling is quickly murdered by Cliff who made a deal with crime boss Beatrix Hasp (Rhea Perlman) to kill his boss and frame Charlie. Things didn't go as planned, and Charlie's name is cleared, but now she has to go on the run once again, this time from Beatrix. Throughout the final episode, Perlman's voice is heard but you never actually see the Cheers alum onscreen. Now, fans want to know if she'll be showing up in a bigger capacity in Season 2. 

"We certainly wanted a voice that you would immediately recognize and know," showrunner Nora Zuckerman explained to Variety when asked about Rhea Perlman's casting. Showrunner Lilla Zuckerman added, "She's such inspired casting, and I think so much of the casting of this season is inspired because you get somebody that is beloved and famous for playing a certain type of role, and then we get to see them reveal a totally different side of themselves and play against type. And Rhea Perlman playing the head of the Five Families, an absolute killer, a sadistic cold-blooded hunter – I can't wait to see what that looks like in Season 2. I don't know what it looks like yet, but I can't wait to write it."

When asked about Season 2, Nora replied, "We certainly have ideas. There's a lot of stuff we wanted to do in Season 1 that we kind of put aside and said, we love this, but we'll wait. The details are still being ironed out. It was such an early pickup, I don't think anybody expected it so soon. So it's a real exciting prospect." Lilla added, "We're so much more educated now on how to write this show and how to innovate on the form that I think when we go back and take a look at some of those worlds or characters or murders that we set aside, we might find fresh ways in. And we've seen this kind of formula works, messing around with different tones works, meeting new dastardly characters every week works. So I think we can go into Season 2 with a lot of confidence and a lot of creativity."

Who Guest Starred in Poker Face?

In addition to Perlman, Perlman, and Bratt, Poker Face featured appearances by Adrien Brody, Chloë Sevigny, John Darnielle, Hong Chau, Judith Light, Lil Rel Howery, Dascha Polanco, S. Epatha Merkerson, Nicholas Cirillo, Megan Suri, Simon Helberg, Reed Birney, Shane Paul McGhi, Danielle MacDonald, Colton Ryan, Chelsea Frei, Angel Desai, Audrey Corsa, Brandon Michael Hall, Charles Melton, Cherry Jones, Clea DuVall, Ellen Barkin, Jasmine Aiyana Garvin, Jameela Jamil, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Leslie Silva, Luis Guzmán, Niall Cunningham, Nick Nolte, Rowan Blanchard, Stephanie Hsu, Tim Blake Nelson, and Tim Meadows.

The season finale of Poker Face is now streaming on Peacock.