'ReBoot: The Guardian Code' Trailer Released

The first trailer for the reboot '90s cult-hit CGI animated series ReBoot is now here! Watch the first trailer for ReBoot: The Guardian Code, above!

This new series expands the format of the original source material, now offering a mix of live-action and animated storytelling. The plot now centers around four teenage characters who attend "Alan Turing High School," the most "tech-progressive school in the city," (whatever that means). The four odd-paired students stumble upon a A.I. with a bio-construct body, who leads the teens to a Power Rangers-style power-up, which makes them the new guardians of Mainframe. Their job gets dangerous when some rogue hacker re-activates original ReBoot villain Megabyte, forcing the kids back into the fight!


The first Reboot was a breakout cult-hit that helped herald the era of CGI-animated series. It was also kind of unintentionally dark, as the "games" played in Mainframe were seriously high stakes; if the guardian lost the game, entire sections of Mainframe were deleted. The series famously ended on a cliffhanger, but there's no telling how much The Guardian Code will refer back to that old plotline.

ReBoot: The Guardian Code premieres on Netflix starting March 30th.