'Riverdale' Star Mädchen Amick On Fans' Craziest Black Hood Theories

The early episodes of Riverdale's second season were plagued with fear of a mysterious serial [...]

The early episodes of Riverdale's second season were plagued with fear of a mysterious serial killer targeting the small town. And though the police think they've solved the identity and closed the case of the Black Hood, fans aren't so sure.

Theories of "Who Is The Black Hood" have dominated the discussion around the series, and though that storyline died down in favor of more… organized criminal activities, the speculation continues.

Mädchen Amick, who stars as Alice Cooper on The CW series, spoke with ComicBook.com about the intense fanbase for the series and how they latched onto Black Hood theories.

"I know that they're out there lingering. I've heard some pretty crazy fan theories," said Amick. "I haven't really heard much recently but I've felt the bubbling of, 'Oh my God, we didn't find the real Black Hood.' That's very interesting. That's an interesting notion for the fans to be playing with right now, especially since there's some things that we as cast members know."

Though the series has let that storyline die down in favor of more organized criminal activities, Amick's subtle tease might indicate it's far from over.

She went on to speak about her own favorite Black Hood theories that she's seen from Riverdale fans.

"I heard at one point ... Actually quite a few think that it's Alice Cooper," Amick said with a laugh. "Now I think the shape of the black hood that shot Fred Andrews didn't quite look like Alice Cooper but you never know. Maybe she had something to do with hiring somebody to act out her wishes."

While it seems unlikely, it would be far from shocking to find out that Amick's character had something to do with all of the chaos plaguing the town, so long as she had the right reason.

Alice has shown to be very protective of her children in recent episodes, and Amick herself said she doesn't think there's a line the Cooper matriarch wouldn't cross.

"I think she will do anything and everything and even if it is sacrificing herself, I think she'd go that far."

The events of the last episode saw a mysterious man go to the Cooper's house while Alice and her estranged son Chic were sharing a quiet evening. When Betty returned home from a night with Jughead, she found the man dead on the floor, blood everywhere, while Alice frantically attempted to clean up.

Alice remained somewhat calm as Betty stared in horror, simply asking her daughter "Did you lock the door?"

We'll find out how this event affects the Cooper family on Riverdale, airing Wednesday at 8/7c on The CW.