Peanuts Gets the 'Riverdale' Treatment on The Tonight Show's Parody

to To say that Riverdale has become a phenomenon would be putting it lightly. The series based on the happy-go-lucky Archie Comics has become one of the most popular shows on The CW.

So of course the parodies are going to start rolling in, with Jimmy Fallon applying the same grim 'n horny teen aesthetic to Charles Schulz' classic Peanuts strips. Check it out in the video above.

The Tonight Show's version of Peanuts puts Charlie Brown and friends on the middle of a fog-tinged mystery. It all starts when Marcy and Peppermint Patty are taking a stroll through the pumpkin patch when they find Linus' dead body.

Hijinks ensue and of course there has to be a secret affair with a teacher, who goes on to sound just like they do in the classic cartoons.

Bonus points goes to the inclusion of Charlie Brown's music, which is some crappy EDM track that he plays whenever he gets the chance to, and the part where both Charlie and Sally look directly at the audience and implore that they are indeed 16 years old.

The Roots' Questlove shows up as the only black kid in town, Franklin, which he's rightfully annoyed in pointing out. He doles out some advice to Charlie Brown, and the two make their way to the fall formal for a musical number with awful, Peanuts-accurate dancing.

And of course, no Riverdale parody would be complete without the cast of the genuine article making a cameo to put their stamp of approval on it. With Jimmy Fallon being a huge fan of the show, it makes sense that he would get the Riverdale gang's involvement.


It was a pretty funny stab at skewering the many, many ridiculous aspects of Riverdale. Hopefully it becomes a thing and we get to see the Peanuts versions of Jingle Jangle and the Southside Serpents in an upcoming skit.

Riverdale's fall finale, the Christmas-themed "Silent Night, Deadly Night," airs tonight on The CW.