SNL: 2019 Fortune Teller Predicts How Awful 2020 Would Actually Be

It's been a weird year for everyone, and Saturday Night Live called attention to just how weird everything has been with a fortune teller predicting what would happen to a group of unsuspecting people in 2019. Saturday Night Live has definitely been one of the major entertainment avenues that had been impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the ramifications of the year have been far wilder than anyone would have expected as Saturday Night Live pointed this out with a fortune telling sketch reflecting back on how much has happened over the year.

The sketch sees Kate McKinnon playing a fortune teller for a group of people in 2019. Each of them is wondering what their lives will be like in the next year, and none of them are ready to find out just what happens in the following year as each of them learns about quarantine and other terrible things in the future.

For example, one of the people wonders what her life with her boyfriend will be like in the future. McKinnon's fortune teller informs her that she will indeed be living with her boyfriend, and while that makes the person happy, she soon finds out about the bad part of the equation when McKinnon's fortune teller informs her about the COVID-19 pandemic.

SNL Kate McKinnon 2019 Fortune Teller Sketch
(Photo: NBC )

But rather than just say there's a pandemic, it's given the Saturday Night Live twist when McKinnon's fortune teller reveals that while the woman will indeed be living with her boyfriend, but they are washing a bag of Doritos profusely in the hopes of not catching the novel coronavirus. But this is only one of the hilarious reveals about the future.


One gets super topical with the mention of CNN commentator Jerry Toobin's scandal. It turns out that his "daughter" is one of the people getting their fortune told, and McKinnon's fortune teller reveals that Toobin will be exposing himself on a Zoom call in the future. Taking a shot at not only the moment itself, but Toobin's private region in general, it was a quirky way to wrap the entire weird sketch.

What did you think of this fortune teller sketch looking back on everything weird in 2020? What have you thought about Saturday Night Live's newest season so far? What are you hoping to see from the rest of the season going forward? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!