Schitt's Creek: The Farewell Tour Cancels All Postponed Dates Due to Surging COVID-19 Cases

Schitt’s Creek: The Farewell Tour has canceled all postponed dates due to the surge in COVID-19 [...]

Schitt's Creek: The Farewell Tour has canceled all postponed dates due to the surge in COVID-19 cases across North America. Eugene Levy took to Twitter to explain the decision to fans. A lot of people were looking forward to seeing some of the key players in the same place again. Adding to frustrations is the fact that a lot of fans bought tickets before the pandemic began with no idea what was coming. To the crew's credit, they are going about refunding the people who purchased tickets and directing them to all the various places where they got them in the first place. Organizing large events can be so difficult in these times and instead of risking the safety of a bunch of the people involved seems to have been too much for the people in charge of the production. At any rate, the decision has been made now, and there's not a ton that the people who love Schitt's Creek can do now. (Well, other than boot up the series again and settle in for a weekend with their favorite show.)

"To our incredible Schitt's Creek fans, When we postponed the Schitt's Creek: The Farewell tour, we had every hope and intention of traveling to see you later this year. However, despite our best efforts to reschedule while keeping your health and safety at the forefront, we've found that state and local mandates vary too widely to do so in the near future. So, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all tour dates that were scheduled pre-pandemic. In an effort to help support those of you who have supported us all these years, tickets will be refunded immediately upon cancellation. If you have any issues, please contact your point of purchase. We're sorry to be missing you, and we will continue to try to find a way to see you in the future. Best Wishes and Warmest Regards, Dan and Eugene Levy." had the chance to speak with series star Emily Hampshire recently. She and some of the other actors on the mega-hit all think that the reunion could be something on the horizon. But nothing is imminent. There's no denying the impact Schitt's Creek has had on the entire cast.

"It's changed my life, and not in a way that most series, it changes your life in a monetary way. It definitely didn't do that. We shot in Canada, we made Canadian dollars," Hampshire laughed. "It changed my life in the same way, I think, of people's lives who fell in love with this show, in that it was this kind comedy. This show has this huge heart, that doesn't sacrifice its humor at all for it. It's really funny, but it also, you leave it feeling like you love these characters, and they love each other, and they're good to each other. I know that springs from the top. From the beginning, Dan had a mandate that there will be no homophobia in Schitt's Creek, and the town will never be the butt of the joke, or the townspeople. That created this world of Schitt's Creek [being] such a safe space that I think people want to go live in for half an hour."

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