Schitt's Creek Star Addresses Possibility of a Reunion

The Canadian sitcom Schitt's Creek might not have been a major success immediately, but once the series started debuting on Netflix, it built a strong fan base and the series' hilarity spread by word of mouth, culminating in its final season sweeping the biggest comedy categories at the Emmy Awards, leading some to wonder what the future held for the cast and crew. Star Emily Hampshire, who played Stevie in the program, recently confirmed that, while fans shouldn't expect to see the cast return as the characters for another outing, they'll all surely reunite at some point in the future for some sort of project, even if that project hasn't been determined yet.

"They haven't taken my plaids out of the closet, they're still there, and there's definitely ... We are going to work together again," Hampshire confirmed with "There's definitely never gonna be another show, we're never gonna do this show again, but I'm sure, and I'm not saying for sure this is happening, I'm sure because I know and love these people that we're gonna do something like that, get together and do some movie or something."

The series was created by Eugene and Dan Levy, who also starred in the TV show, with the series also starring Catherine O'Hara and Annie Murphy. All four lead performers scored Emmy Awards for their performances, ultimately winning all seven categories it was nominated for, a feat no other series, drama or comedy, has accomplished.

Schitt's Creek originally aired on CBC Television starting in 2015, but after its third season, was made available on Netflix, earning it massive amounts of praise on social media that only built its following. American audiences normally had an extended wait to watch new episodes after they premiered in Canada, with the final season concluding in April of 2020 and not landing on Netflix until last October.

Fans weren't the only ones the series impacted, as Hampshire previously recalled the impact the project had on her own life.

"It's changed my life, and not in a way that most series, it changes your life in a monetary way. It definitely didn't do that. We shot in Canada, we made Canadian dollars," Hampshire joked with "It changed my life in the same way, I think, of people's lives who fell in love with this show, in that it was this kind comedy. This show has this huge heart, that doesn't sacrifice its humor at all for it. It's really funny, but it also, you leave it feeling like you love these characters, and they love each other, and they're good to each other. I know that springs from the top. From the beginning, Dan had a mandate that there will be no homophobia in Schitt's Creek, and the town will never be the butt of the joke, or the townspeople. That created this world of Schitt's Creek [being] such a safe space that I think people want to go live in for half an hour."

Hampshire can next be seen in the EPIX series Chapelwaite, which debuts on August 22nd. Stay tuned for details on the potential future of Schitt's Creek.

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