Original 'Charmed' Star Shannen Doherty Defends The CW Reboot

The Charmed reboot has been airing on The CW for three weeks now, but the new series still has quite a few doubters out there. Coming to the show's defense however, is none other than original Charmed star Shannen Doherty.

While appearing at Comic Con Paris this weekend (per TVLine), Doherty was speaking as part of a panel when the subject of the Charmed reboot came up. Some of the fans in attendance immediately started to boo the new series, but Doherty did her best to shut it down.

"I have seen a lot of people be very mean and very negative and cruel to the new show and the new cast," Doherty said when the booing for Charmed began. "I want to remind everybody that these are three girls who just want to act. They got a huge opportunity, and I would implore everybody to be a little bit kinder."

As Doherty continued, she brought up the reboot's "positive, good influence." She added that the new Charmed "is a show about three strong women again… I know that it may not be your Charmed, but you should all really pat yourselves on the back and congratulate yourselves, because you're the most loyal, amazing fans in the world. And because of you, you made it a show that a younger generation wants to see."

Charmed was a hit for its fans when the original series aired, and Doherty made sure to tell everyone that this reboot is giving the same opportunity for a new group of viewers who didn't get to grow up watching her series.

"You have to think about what Charmed did for you when it was on and think about what that's going to do for a new generation. Embrace it, you guys. It's doing well, ratings-wise, and it's employing over 200 people."

Despite the fact that some of her former co-stars don't agree, Doherty is standing firm in her support of the new Charmed series.


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Charmed airs on Sunday nights on The CW.