Saturday Night Live: Abbott Elementary's Quinta Brunson to Host This April

Abbott Elementary series creator and star Quinta Brunson has been set to host Saturday Night Live this April! The ABC sitcom has been one of the most successful new show releases of the last few years as it has been a huge hit with both fans and critics. Abbott Elementary's cast and crew has also been highlighting in some huge ways with multiple awards and more. Quinta Brunson's new series has been absolutely dominating, and now the star will be taking her multiple talents to Saturday Night Live in just a few more weeks from the time of this writing. 

Announced during the latest edition of Saturday Night Live with Jenna Ortega as the host, Quinta Brunson will be hosting on April 1st with Lil Yachty as the announced musical talent. This is actually going to be a key week for SNL in many fashions as the April 1st show in particular is currently the deadline the Motion Picture Editors Guild has reportedly set for the program in which they will walk out if their demands are not met for a new contract

SNL's April 1st Strike Deadline

According to recent reports, the Motion Picture Editors Guild has set a deadline for SNL of April 1st. Should their demands not be met on a new contract, they will be planning a walk out. 12-20 members of the editing crew (who are also members of the IATSE Local 700) are seeking pay rate resolution and health benefits, and have been in talks with Saturday Night Live's higher ups about new contracts since last Fall. As the deadline draws near and Quinta Brunson is the announced host, it is going to be a curious episode. 

A follow up report revealed that NBC Universal has met with the Motion Picture Editors Guild in an effort to resolve the circumstances before the strike deadline. The conversations are also reportedly far from over, but NBC Universal is hoping to resolve things before the deadline leads to a strike. The program might largely be a live one, but the editing crew helps the pre-production materials made for each of the episode. There has been a notable increase in these pre-made digital shorts (especially during the pandemic), and it would impact production in many ways. 

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