Solar Opposites Creators Tease What's to Come in Season 2

This past weekend marked the debut of Hulu's Solar Opposites, the animated comedy series from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and head writer Mike McMahan. The series follows a group of aliens living in an American suburb, trying desperately to understand the human condition and adjust to their new lives on Earth. The new series has already shown itself to be a hit amongst critics and fans, so it's a good thing that Hulu had already ordered a second season well ahead of its debut. What can be expected of the new season when it arrives next year? spoke with both Roiland and McMahan to find out.

"Well, I can tell you that we're keeping things pretty tight lipped because we just want to see how things go," Roiland said. I can tell you The Wall is not going anywhere, but things are certainly going to be different there. That's a place that we find a lot of inspiration and we're going to continue that. But that's probably the only thing I want to say. The second season is pretty far along, which is exciting. It's pretty amazing, man. We're really lucky to be able to get to do this. And we're hoping to we get to do a bunch more after Season 2."

"We have lots of plans and everything on Solar we have figured out, it's really kind of, when do we do it," said McMahan. "It's almost like unwrapping a present really slowly because once it's unwrapped, it's unwrapped and it's really the action of getting to slowly go at it until you actually hit it. So we've kind of adjusted a couple of times and been like, 'Oh, should we do this thing we want to do with The Pupa yet?' Because we've written and the artists are working on Season 2 already. I'm already seeing a lot of stuff for Season 2 and we do some Pupa stuff but we also wanted to build out."

In addition to some more Pupa stories and a deeper dive into the people of The Wall, McMahan explained that Season 2 will really spend time exploring the backstory of the characters. That means A lot of of the Shlorp connections that were made in the Season 1 finale will probably come back around in the next installment.


"There's a bunch more about them leaving the home world that doesn't seem like a big deal at first because we don't really touch on it too much first season," he continued. "But that does become a bigger deal in second. Like that the family aren't the only aliens that left the home world with a Pupa. There are 99 other teams out there. And part of the reason we went to Shlorp in the season finale is because yes, the whole thing was on the pretend deck and none of it counted. But even though it didn't count, all that Shlorp stuff you saw gave you a better understanding of the home world and that stuff starts to become more important. So yeah, we do have longterm plans for The Pupa and all that stuff. It's a balance of, how many stories do we want to tell with The Pupa and the family before we start activating stuff. I can tell you, and I don't think anybody else has heard this yet, but second season, there's a very slight evolution of The Pupa you see at the end of this season that continues all through second. And you will be marking a serialized kind of a thing happening with The Pupa as the series continues."

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