Star Wars Rumor Claims Lucasfilm Developing Slate of Interconnected Live-Action Disney+ Series

Since Disney purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012, new stories set within the franchise are all [...]

Since Disney purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012, new stories set within the franchise are all considered part of the same canon, but a new rumor claims that the studio is developing a slate of TV shows that will all be interconnected to one another, in addition to falling under the same umbrella as all other events of Star Wars canon. Based on the description of the initiative, it sounds as though the slate of programming will resemble Marvel's Netflix series, which featured a number of characters crossing over into each other's storylines, while also being impacted by the major events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The rumor comes from LRM Online and claims that Lucasfilm will begin debuting one new season of a TV series per quarter beginning mid-2021 and will reportedly intertwine the events of The Mandalorian, an Ahsoka Tano show, a Boba Fett show, an Ezra Bridger and Admiral Thrawn show, and another unnamed show. Additionally, the outlet claims that Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels creator Dave Filoni will be overseeing the intertwining narratives.

It's difficult to figure out how much this information comes from trusted sources or if it is merely an educated guess based on information that has already been released. While it's clear that The Mandalorian isn't slowing down anytime soon, numerous reports claim that Ahsoka Tano will debut in Season Two of the series and, based on how she is received, could be setting her up for a spinoff series. Fett is also reported to appear, and with the bounty hunter being a fan-favorite character, we doubt his adventures would be limited to only one brief appearance in The Mandalorian.

Other than The Mandalorian, Lucasfilm has confirmed that Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's Cassian Andor is getting his own series, though that takes place more than a decade before Mandalorian, and that Russian Doll co-creator Leslye Headland would develop a series that is said to be female-centric. Some fans have also speculated that Headland's series would be the Ahsoka series. Another highly anticipated series is the one focusing on Obi-Wan Kenobi, which would also likely line up more with the timeline of the Rogue One prequel.

Season Two of The Mandalorian is set to debut on Disney+ in October. Stay tuned for updates on the future of the Star Wars franchise.

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