Star Wars: The Clone Wars Sets up Darth Maul's Role in Solo

The latest episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+ brought fans a bit closer into Darth Maul's world and his attempts to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi and extract his revenge on Darth Sidious, finally showing us how we got closer to his surprising appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story. That film positioned Palpatine's former protégé as a major force in the criminal underworld without much explanation as to how he got there, but now that Maul's siege of Mandalore and position in the criminal underworld is all part of a master plan.

According to the 10th episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, titled "The Phantom Apprentice," Maul seizes control of the criminal underworld with hopes to control the flow of information, and take advantage, when the new Empire rises up with Palpatine in control. He understands the time of the Jedi Order and the Senate is at an end, anticipating that his former Sith Master would take control in the chaos.

We then see Maul meeting with the leaders of three major crime syndicates in the galaxy, including Lom Pyke of the Pyke Syndicate, Prince Xizor of the Black Sun, and Dryden Vos of Crimson Dawn. This character is stylized to look exactly like Paul Bettany's character in the movies, so this is a very surprising appearance.

After a confrontation with Ahsoka while the Mandalorians and Clone Army do battle outside, Maul attempts to convert her to his side. He explains that the time of the Jedi is over and that Sidious' rise is inevitable, but that they could pose a new threat to his rule.

Ahsoka refuses, of course, after hearing Maul explain that Anakin has been groomed to become Darth Sidiuos' apprentice. He even organized the Siege of Mandalore to lure Kenobi and Anakin to the battle, hoping to steal Palpatine's prized pupil from him by confronting him with the truth. Ahsoka can't believe it, forcing Maul into a duel.

After Maul escapes, he abandons his Mandalorian forces and tells them to "die well" after the 501st turns the tide in the battle. He faces off with Ahsoka once again, only to be captured with the supposed Siege coming to an end.


We know that this isn't the end of Maul's story as he will go on to aid Vos and, presumably, Qi'ra as the Empire continues its stranglehold on the galaxy. Hopefully we will find out where Maul's journey takes him as the revived animated series comes to an end.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars is available to stream on Disney+.