Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Stories of Light and Dark Cast Revealed

Star Wars: The Clone Wars may be over, but several of the beloved animated series' cast members are returning to lend their voices to the audiobook edition of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Stories of Light and Dark anthology. The new book has various authors retelling events from The Clone Wars from different characters' points of view. The Clone Wars stars returning to reprise their roles include Corey Burton (Cad Bane and Count Dooku), Nika Futterman (Asajj Ventress), Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker), Catherine Taber (Padmé Amidala), James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan Kenobi), and Sam Witwer (Maul).

The book is due out later this month. Here's the full list of narrators:

  • Introduction…read by Catherine Taber
  • "Sharing the Same Face" …read by James Arnold Taylor
  • "Dooku Captured" …read by Corey Burton
  • "Hostage Crisis" …read by Matt Lanter
  • "Pursuit of Peace" …read by Catherine Taber
  • "The Shadow of Umbara" …read by James Arnold Taylor
  • "Bane's Story" …read by Corey Burton
  • "The Lost Nightsister"…read by Nika Futterman
  • "Dark Vengeance" …read by Sam Witwer
  • "Almost a Jedi" …read by Olivia Hack
  • "Kenobi's Shadow" …read by James Arnold Taylor
  • "Bug" …read by Catherine Taber

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Stories of Light and Dark includes 10 stories retelling episodes from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and one new, original Nightsisters story. Author contributing to the anthology include Lou Anders, Preeti Chhibber, Zoraida Córdova, Jason Fry, Rebecca Roanhorse, Greg Van Eekhout, Tom Angleberger, E. Anne Convery, Sarah Beth Durst, Yoon Ha Lee, and Anne Ursu.

This book seems like an excellent way for fans to revisit The Clone Wars from a new angle since producer Dave Filoni doesn't expect to return to the era with any new stories. "I don't know. Personally for me, probably not," Filoni said. "I have a lot of things I'm excited that we're doing looking forward. I think it's hard because I so appreciate the fan support, and I appreciate just how excited everybody was that we were back. I understand them wanting more and more episodes. The people that worked on it — myself and the team, basically all the leads — they were on the original run, and I think it shows. We're really thankful we got to finish it. But I also think creatively, you always want to move forward."


Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Stories of Light and Dark goes on sale on August 25th.