Steven Universe Creator Rebecca Sugar Explains the Movie's Theme

Steven Universe: The Movie serves as a culmination of sorts for the series, if not the end. But in [...]

Steven Universe: The Movie serves as a culmination of sorts for the series, if not the end. But in the process, the film hones in on one particular thing above all else: change. And while that wasn't the exact answer creator Rebecca Sugar gave when asked about the theme of the film, it's awful close.

Specifically, Sugar told in an interview prior to the premiere that "arcing" is the theme of the movie, and if you've seen it, that makes total sense.

WARNING: Spoilers for Steven Universe: The Movie follow.

"Overall the theme of the movie is arcing or our arcs, because the entire show is about how these characters grow and how these characters arc," Sugar said. "To suddenly take that away from them really breaks the fundamental foundation of the show. What I wanted to say with the movie is that you're never really done arcing. You're never really done changing. It's a wonderful thing to be a work in progress."

"I feel like what I really wanted to convey with the movie is that that capacity to keep changing and growing is [...] a really powerful strength," they added. "It allows you to be flexible, and to take things as they come, and to maintain your relationships with the people you care about. I think it's just beautiful. I really wanted to tackle that concept of happily ever after and just the idea that stories are supposed to end because real life just isn't like that."

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Steven Universe: The Movie premiered on Cartoon Network on September 2nd. The official soundtrack and digital version of the movie are available wherever such things are sold, and the soundtrack specifically is available to stream on a number of platforms. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the film right here.