‘Stranger Things’ Jumps Into the Ugly Christmas Sweater Arms Race

I think we have a new winner in the best of the ugliest Stranger Things holiday sweaters - but how does this new Upside Down number stack up to the best of the rest? Let's compare it to other high-powered ugly sweaters for the 2017 holiday season.

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(Photo: Box Lunch)

Target released the other big Stranger Things ugly sweater this year, but it's a reference to Season 1, so that's a point against it as far as we're concerned. The new Upside Down version is also a higher quality knit. The Upside Down version is available to order here. The Target Christmas lights version is available here.

(Photo: Merchoid)

DC Comics fans have a lot of awesome sweaters to choose from this year. The Merchoid lineup has proven to be especially popular with new high-end sweaters inspired by Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and The Flash. They also have loads of sweaters for fans of Star Wars, Rick and Morty, Nintendo, Marvel and more. You can shop the entire Merchoid lineup here.

(Photo: Fun.com)

Fun.com has a fantastic series of DC Comics-themed ugly Christmas sweaters to choose from as well. Plus, they added some super unique The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth styles into the mix.


So which ugly Christmas sweater is right for you? Personally, I'm a fan of the DC Comics styles in the Merchoid collection, but if you're a Stranger Things fan, the Upside Down version is the way to go. And ladies - if you decide to go with this sweater we dare you to use this as your purse.