Succession Star Says Final Season Is "Big" for Cousin Greg

The first family of television has finally returned to HBO, with Sunday marking the premiere of Succession's fourth and final season. This new episode picks up months after the end of Season 3, and sees three of Logan Roy's four children off on their own, trying to compete with their father after failing to take him down. The kids may be in exile, but Cousin Greg has found himself closer to the top of the food chain than ever before, having followed Tom in the defense against Kendall, Shiv, and Roman.

Greg is one of Succession's most beloved characters, but he's also one of its biggest wild cards. Yes, he's a bumbling mess of a moron more often than not, but he always finds himself failing upwards, getting closer to the top with each and every mistake. Greg went from being the only person in the family with a soul to one step away from actual power, though he still doesn't have a clue how to wield it. 

It wouldn't take much for Greg to take a major step forward and really be a player in the big game. Whether or not he ever finds it within himself to be more than Tom's lackey remains to be seen. While speaking to Deadline, Succession star Nicholas Braun said that this final season is a big one for Gregory.

"Season four is big for Greg, I would say in that department," Braun said, when asked about the potential of his character maturing. "Greg is tested and Greg puts himself forward as a different kind of guy at times this season and he's more bold than we've ever seen him, and strategic. I mean, he's always been a guy who's tried to play whatever sides are available to him and he really leans into that this season."

Greg has flipped between various sides of the Roy family multiple times throughout the show, yet somehow he has never seemed to suffer the same consequences as the other characters. He's like a cockroach, still standing after so much destruction and toxicity.

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