Superman & Lois Final Season Premiere Date Revealed

The series will air its fourth and final season beginning in the fall.

Superman & Lois will debut its fourth and final season on Thursday, October 17th. The series will return from its long hiatus with a 2-hour premiere, airing between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET. Beginning the following week, Superman & Lois will air Thursday nights at 8 p.m., followed by new episodes of the adventure series The Librarians: The Next Chapter, from Leverage executive producer Dean Devlin. The series will have a ten-episode order, although with likely breaks for sports and the holidays, it's hard to guess when the finale might air.

With Superman & Lois going off the air, CW will be without a DC adaptation for the first time in years. After the end of Smallville, Arrow debuted, launching a new, shared multiverse of DC superhero stories that made it all the way to the present day. There were even some one-offs like iZombie and Gotham Knights sprinkled in, which gave the network some nerd flavor without going full Arrowverse.

Superman & Lois launched in 2021, shortly after the end of Arrow. Spinning out of the multiverse-altering events of Crisis on Infinite Earths, the show starred Tyler Hoechlin and Bitsie Tulloch, reprising their roles as Superman and Lois Lane from Supergirl and the Elseworlds and Crisis on Infinite Earths crossovers. In the newly-reorganized timeline, though, Superman and Lois have a pair of teenage twin sons.

As the series progressed, audiences would learn that Superman & Lois was not, as previously assumed, set on Earth-Prime (the world in the DC multiverse where ArrowThe FlashSupergirlDC's Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning took place following the events of the Crisis). Instead, it was set on its own world, giving them a chance to revisit characters and concepts previously introduced in the Arrowverse...but with their own actors and their own take. Most notably, season three's central antagonist was Lex Luthor, who was playing by Michael Cudlitz (The Walking Dead), rather than Jon Cryer.

Season four is set to be an interesting year for the Kent family: when season 3 ended, Superman and Doomsday were on the moon, about to pummel one another mercilessly. Will they play out a version of the Death and Return of Superman on the show? It wouldn't be totally outside of the very '90s-inspired series' wheelhouse, given that they have heavily featured characters like The Eradicator and John Henry Irons. Still, it seems like a big gamble, considering the story has already been adapted numerous times, always with mixed results.

Superman & Lois returns for final season with a special two-hour premiere event on Thursday, October 17 (8:00-10:00pm ET/PT). 

Deadline debuted the news of the network's fall schedule.