‘Supernatural’: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Says 300th Episode Return Was a “Blast”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan says returning to The CW’s Supernatural for its 300th episode after more than a decade away was “a blast.”

“I went up to Vancouver to go shoot a role that I did 14 years ago. They’re on their 300th episode, can you believe it?” Morgan said while serving as guest co-host on Live with Kelly and Ryan. “Yeah, that’s crazy. I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Morgan, who boarded the series in its first season in 2005 and appeared across 12 episodes, reprises his role as John Winchester, a once-disappeared hunter of all things supernatural and father of Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki).

The star’s long-awaited return to Supernatural marks his first appearance on the series since 2007, where Winchester’s spirit escaped from Hell to help his sons defeat the demon Azazel before moving on.

“So 14 years ago I played the father of Sam and Dean on that show, the two boys... so yeah, to go back and be able to do that with them was a blast, super cool,” Morgan said.

“We’re incredibly excited to have Jeffrey back for this milestone episode, and think fans will love what we have planned for his character... and a few other guest stars,” executive producer Andrew Dabb said when announcing Morgan’s return in December.

Morgan aired his openness to a return in September 2017, telling a packed Supernatural-centric convention John’s sons “need to have some closure with this guy, and I think that John would like to have some closure, and I think you, the audience, deserves it.”

During a Walker Stalker Cruise Q&A session in February 2018, Morgan joked he would only return to Supernatural after The Walking Dead creator and panel guest Robert Kirkman kills off Morgan’s former Savior leader Negan, to which Kirkman said he’d “never do it.”

“There we go! Never going back,” Morgan teased. “No, if that show ever ends and they’re on like season 400, I said I would love to go back and have some resolution with that character.”


Morgan now stars on The Walking Dead Season Nine, where Negan has since escaped his Alexandrian jail cell and is on the loose following a near eight-year term of solitary confinement. The AMC zombie drama returns with new episodes to finish out its ninth season Sunday, February 10.

Supernatural’s 300th episode, ‘Lebanon,’ premieres Thursday, February 7 on The CW.