'Supernatural' Fans Petition to Save 'Wayward Sisters' Gains Over 50,000 Signatures

Supernatural fans aren't ready to give up on the Wayward Sisters spinoff series, and they've taken [...]

Supernatural fans aren't ready to give up on the Wayward Sisters spinoff series, and they've taken to an online petition to make sure their voices are heard.

This past week, The CW announced that it wouldn't be moving forward with the female driven, Supernatural spinoff, which focused on a group of women that hunted monsters. The central characters and their stories were introduced during an episode of Supernatural earlier this season, and the fan reception was fairly positive. It was a surprise to many that the network chose not to move forward with the project.

What isn't surprising is that the fans that were hoping to see the series come to fruition have decided to take action and make sure The CW understands that they were backing the Wayward Sisters from the beginning.

A fan named Georgia Heapy started a petition on Change.org, urging The CW to reverse its decision, and order Wayward Sisters to series. At the time of writing this article, more than 50,700 people have signed the petition. The goal is to reach 75,000.

"As you may know, unfortunately the highly anticipated Supernatural spin-off Wayward Sisters wasn't picked up by The CW channel," the petition sates. "This show wasn't just a TV show to many people, it was inspiration. Six strong female characters of different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, who would want that? These women are role models to so many people.

"This petition has been created to try and get The CW to consider their decision, so please, if you want to see this show on our screens, sign this petition."

While 50,000 signatures is certainly a lot, it doesn't mean that the network will change anything upon seeing them. Fans have petition for a multitude of shows to be revived, or for networks to change their minds about a pickup, and so rarely does it actually have an effect on the decision making process.

Do you think 75,000 signatures will be enough to change the minds of the folks overseeing The CW? Is there any chance that Wayward Sisters could actually get picked up? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!