The Boys Star Aya Cash Wants to Play Jean Grey, Rogue, or Beast in an X-Men Movie

On Amazon Prime Video's The Boys, Aya Cash may play Stormfront, the newest supe to join The Seven [...]

On Amazon Prime Video's The Boys, Aya Cash may play Stormfront, the newest supe to join The Seven in the series' second season who just so happens to actually be the first supe and an actual Nazi, but off-screen, the actress is a fan of the X-Men. And if the opportunity presented itself, she has some very specific ideas of who she'd like to play on the X-Men team: Rogue, Jean Grey, and Beast.

In an interview with Screen Geek, Cash explained that she grew up on the X-Men and would be happy to be part of that world at any time in her career.

"I grew up on X-Men," Cash said. "So, in my fantasy world, I'd be in that universe, the Phoenix Rising. I would have loved to be a part of the X-Men world. And if there's another opportunity -- X-Men Geriatrics -- they can come to me whenever."

She went on to be a bit more specific and indicate that she'd like to play Jean Grey, but she also said that her favorite character is Beast, and she wouldn't mind playing that character.

"Yeah, but I also, I mean, my favorite character in all of the X-Men universe was always beast," Cash said. "So, if we're going to do gender swap -- no, they would kill me. I don't even want to do a gender swap."

For her final list, Cash kept it simple, "I'd do Rogue, Jean Grey, and Beast for my pick."

All of those characters are pretty different from Stormfront, who was revealed to be a real Nazi who grew up in the Hitler Youth and who was also the wife of Frederick Vought, founder of Vought International, and the creator of Compound V who injected her with it decades before, making her the first supe in the world. It's a bit of a shift from the comic book version of the character, but it's something that showrunner Eric Kripke said previously that he never thought twice about.

"No, not at all. In fact, I think it's insane that it's controversial to say that Nazis are bad," Kripke said. "I was a kid; I grew up with Indiana Jones movies. There were no think pieces about Raiders of the Lost Ark saying geez, aren't there good people on both sides of hunting for the Ark? It's just not the world we lived in, and it shouldn't be the world we live in.

The writer then added it was never in the cards to tweak who Stormfront was, choosing instead to adapt her to the changing times.

"Stormfront was a Nazi in the comic books, we always knew that she was a real Nazi," Kripke added. "Our version of her, we just wanted to unveil it and it sort of makes sense to us that a lot of what's passing for white nationalism today is dressed up in new modern clothes, but it's really the same fascism and Nazi-ism that existed then. It's come around again.

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