The Boys Co-Creator Shares Illustrated Season 2 Poster That was Planned for Comic-Con

Co-creator of The Boys comic series Darick Robertson took to Twitter to reveal a piece of unused [...]

Co-creator of The Boys comic series Darick Robertson took to Twitter to reveal a piece of unused art he created for Amazon's hit TV series based on the property. Robertson noted that the piece was initially created to serve as the official San Diego Comic-Con poster for season two of The Boys, provided that the actual in-person event had actually happened. In any event, the art is now out there for the world to see and who else would you want to see drawing the characters of The Boys other than Darick? Check out the full image below and circle back here for more updates on season three of the show as we learn them.

The new season of the series will see Supernatural star Jensen Ackles reunite with Eric Kripke, appearing as Vaught supe Soldier Boy, a character that was a play on Captain America in the Garth Ennis, Darick Robertson comics. Ackles previously revealed a surprising photo during his mandatory quarantine ahead of filming on the show, teasing the public with a notably hairier look than most people are used to seeing him with. Katia Winter is also set to appear in the show as Nina Namenko - aka the Russian crime boss "Little Nina."

In addition to the upcoming third season, Amazon has already begun development on a spin-off of The Boys, a currently untitled series focusing on a college within The Boys universe - the only college in America that is exclusively for superheroes, and is run by Vought International. Shan Paul McGhie, Aimee Carrero, Maddie Phillips, Jaz Sinclair, Reina Hardesty, and Lizze Broadway have all been cast in the show as the young superheroes at the center of it all.

The Boys executive producer Craig Rosenberg is the writer and showrunner of the spinoff series, with The Boys comic creators Garth Enis and Darick Robertson, as well as show producers Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, and James Weaver also involved.

"I would say it's loosely inspired by an element of the comics, which is the G-Men. Part of the G-Men is there's sort of an educational, college experience," Kripke said while speaking with TheWrap, referencing The Boys counterpart to the X-Men as inspiration for the spinoff. "And we just used that as a jumping-off point, kind of similar to 'The Boys,' where we sort of take an initial notion and then we are going to run with it in our own weird direction."

The Boys Season Three has yet to set a release date but production is ongoing, the first two seasons of the show are now streaming on Amazon Prime.