The Boys Creator Teases Surprising Character Returns for Season 3

Having already confirmed when they hope to get in front of cameras for the show's third season, The Boys creator and showrunner Eric Kripke has now revealed even more details about the new batch of episodes. Answering fan questions in a series of Twitter videos, Kripke took to the social media platform on Sunday night to open up about a variety of characters that are set to appear in the next season, including some that didn't even appear in season two. We're talking full spoilers for the second season finale of The Boys below so watch the last episode first!

Several of the questions posed to Kripke were about specific characters that either didn't appear in season two or perhaps seemed like they were being pushed off the series by season's end, all of whom will be back. Among them surprisingly is Teddy, the infant son of Elisabeth Shue's Madelyn Stillwell who was last seen in the season one finale. Kripke confirmed Teddy will be "making an appearance" in the new season. Another child set to appear is naturally, Ryan, the son of Homelander and Becca Butcher, who was being taken away to live elsewhere at the end of season two.

"Ryan will continue to be in the story in season three, actually," Kripke said. "He kind of represents all that's good about Butcher and Butcher keeps tabs on him and they definitely interact, and it's kind of sweet. But Butcher obviously has crazy amounts of rage about what happened to Becca and still hates Homelander, so trying to balance those two sides of his personality is sort of hte big struggle for him in season three."

Kripke also confirmed that Cindy, the escaped patient at the Sage Grove Center capable of using telekinesis to crush people and things, will eventually pop back up somewhere down the road (where she was last seen).

"Cindy's out there man, as dangerous as ever," Kripke said. "Look, when you're running a show it's just always smart to just plant little landmines everywhere that you can go back to and use and Cindy will return. I'm not entirely sure when, but before this show is over you will see Cindy again."


The first two seasons of The Boys are streaming now on Amazon Prime video, with season three tentatively scheduled to begin filming in the first part of 2021. What characters are you hoping to see in the next season? Sound off in the comments below and let us know.