The Boys: Antony Starr Breaks Down Homelander’s Attempts at Being a Father

In case you didn't know this, Homelander (Antony Starr) isn't the best role model. That's why going into the second season of The Boys, one of the biggest unknowns remaining is just how he'll react to being a new father; after all, the show's first season ended with the revelation he had a child with Billy Butcher's wife Becca (Shantel VanSanten). As things move into Season Two, Homelander chooses to spend more time with Ryan, creating the perfect recipe for disaster.

Sitting down with's Matt Aguilar, Starr himself explained Homelander's approach this time around, even hinting the most powerful supe in the show's universe could even end up showing some vulnerability.

"Initially that he is not built to be a parent, at least not a good one," Starr tells us. "Then I think, you know, the good thing about that relationship is because it challenges Homelander so much, you know, he's forced into a situation where he's got to adapt and he's got to discover some new layers to himself, so there's a lot that comes out of that relationship and maybe, maybe even a hint of vulnerability."

That's just one of the changes Homelander has to put up with throughout the show's sophomore outing. The other primary conflict the character runs into is Aya Cash's Stormfront, the hero Vought chooses to replace Translucent in The Seven.

"What's really difficult is they're very equally matched, but she has the edge because I think she's smarter and she's more relevant and timely and has a sensibility that Homelander doesn't have and he doesn't know how to deal with it," Starr said of the latest powered being to join the team.

The star added, "She's a bit of a Rubik's Cube to show my age, she's a bit of a Rubik's Cube for him to fiddle around with and figure out, but inevitably he will figure her out and you know, there will be carnage."


The first three episodes of The Boys Season Two are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The remaining five episodes will subsequently be added every Friday throughout the next five Fridays.

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