The Boys: A Member of The Seven Just Quit

Spoilers for this week's episode of The Boys! Membership in Vought's The Seven is frequently in flux, and hasn't even been its titular number for longer than a few episodes at a time. Even now the current make-up of the team is only six supes, Homelander, Black Noir, Queen Maeve, A-Train, The Deep, and Starlight, and after this week's episode, it's down to just five. That's right, at the end of Herogasm, Erin Moriarty's Annie January not only turns in her notice and calls it quits, but puts Homelander on blast in front of the world. 

Emboldened by an earlier conversation she had with Victoria Neuman, particularly about using her social media presence to sway people's opinions, Annie makes the decision to blow the lid off of Soldier Boy's explosive behaviors and how Vought is covering it up, with an added middle finger to Homelander to boot.  Standing in the wreckage of Herogasm and the bodies of the dead supes that were hurt in the aftermath. With the help of MM, Annie prepares to go live on social media, saying "Homelander helped make me America's sweetheart, he's gonna regret that." She reveals what happened to the world in that moment and then caps it off with her resignation, quitting The Seven live on Instagram.

The big question now obviously is, where does she go from here? Annie's relationship with Hughie is frayed as well thanks to his continued use of Temporary Compound V and the major attitude adjustment he feels with it; but her hatred for Vought and Homelander no doubt means that her quest is far from over. As for Antony Starr's evil supe, he's off licking his wounds, literally. He's got a giant bruise on his face after his fight with Butcher, Hughie, and Soldier Boy. Thinks aren't looking great for the big guy in the sky, and now he's losing members of his biggest supe team.

Six episodes of The Boys' season three are now available with the final two episodes arriving over the next two weeks. As of this writing the new season of the show has managed to hold on to its 97% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, complete with a "Certified Fresh" distinction, tying it with season two as the highest rated batch of episodes for the show. Even with the critical acclaim that has followed the show, many viewers have been review-bombing the show not only for its content but because the series continues to release episodes weekly.