The Boys Season 2 Episode Titles Revealed

Amazon's television adaptation of The Boys will return this summer for season 2 and some brand new [...]

Amazon's television adaptation of The Boys will return this summer for season 2 and some brand new details about the next batch of episodes have been revealed in an unlikely way. The official WGA website lists the credits for the new episodes of season 2 which have seemingly revealed the full episode titles for the series. Unlike the first season (which picked a handful of episode titles from the Garth Ennis comic series) every episode of the second season has its roots in the original comic, pulling titles from single issues of the comic and even larger story-arc titles. They include:

  • Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker - Written by: Craig Rosenberg
  • Nothing Like It In The World - Written by: Michael Saltzman
  • Over The Hill With The Swords Of A Thousand Men - Written by: Craig Rosenberg
  • Proper Preparation and Planning - Written by: Rebecca Sonnenshine
  • The Big Ride - Written by: Eric Kripke
  • The Bloody Doors Off - Written by: Anslem Richardson
  • We Gotta Go Now - Written by: Ellie Monahan
  • What I Know - Written by: Rebecca Sonnenshine

We should note that the order they're presented in above is likely not the final episode order of the series when the new season premieres, just the full list of titles. It's also worth noting that a lot of these titles draw from story arcs near the END of The Boys comic book series with "The Bloody Doors Off" being a story arc that includes the penultimate issue of the title.

In addition, some of these titles that are pulled from the comics encompass flashback stories from the series with "Proper Preparation and Planning" delivering the origin story of Billy Butcher's vendetta against Supes and the role that Vought American played in 9/11 (topics already covered in the first season of the series. Furthermore, "Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker" went deeper into Butcher's origin telling the story of his military life and engagement to his wife (topics slightly covered in the first season).

It was reported earlier this week that the series has already been given a season three order by Amazon before the new batch of episodes have even premiered, which is in keeping with tradition since the same happened with the second season. Series showrunner Eric Kripke has promised an even more twisted tale in the second season, confirming that work on that second season has continued despite the coronavirus pandemic shutdown. Kripke previously revealed in late March that principal photography on The Boys had been wrapped and the series was in post-production, albeit remotely.

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