The Boys Troll Fans Who Keep Demanding a Season 3 Release Date

Production on the third season of The Boys has been ongoing for a few months now and with no [...]

Production on the third season of The Boys has been ongoing for a few months now and with no release date in sight the hype from fans is starting to get out of control. Not to be outdone by Sony Pictures, the Sony Television produced series has started trolling its own fans who have been asking about its release date. The official account for the Amazon Prime series tweeted: "Every time you ask when season 3 is coming out the release date moves back one day. See you in 2033!" Not to be outdone, and with a quick wit, series star Jack Quaid quickly replied with: "Yeah but... what month of 2033?"

Not much is known about the upcoming third season of the series except for two very clear things: 1. Supernatural star Jensen Ackles has joined the cast as Vought superhero Soldier Boy; and 2. The "Herogasm" storyline from the Garth Ennis & Darick Robertson comic series will find its way into an episode. In a previous interview about the new season, series creator Eric Kripke outlined the self-imposed challenges that he puts on himself when plotting new episodes.

"The thing that has worried me about Season 3 is that it has become really fun and breezy to write again," Kripke previously told Consequence of Sound. "That worries me. It's feeling enjoyable. I should be in intense, deep introspection for this. I know, obviously, that every season of a television show gets a little bit harder because all of your original best instincts to explore have been explored. So, you have to start going to some of the areas that it wouldn't at first have occurred you to go to in those stories, and those are always a little trickier to make feel as big and as fascinating as the stuff you hit early on. So, it's challenging."

He continued, "I like my seasons when they're over. When I'm making them, I'm like, 'Man, how do we make this better?' I was telling someone in my Post department the other day that when I finally approve a cut, like the visual-effects shot, it feels like a defeat to me. It feels like a defeat to me because I have to now admit that either because we're out of time or money, it's just not going to get better. So, nothing makes me happier to say than, 'Oh, I've got a whole bunch of notes. Go make it better, dude.' I'm not the guy who's like, 'It's over, and I'm happy.' I'm just like, 'Yeah, man. I wish I had another month with everything.'"

Both seasons of The Boys are now streaming on Amazon Prime. It's unclear when the third season will premiere but cameras are rolling.