The Crown Star Thinks Netflix Series Should End

One star of The Crown doesn't think the show should continue as the Netflix show gets closer and closer to the present day. The Guardian spoke to Helena Bonham Carter about the current attitudes to Prince Harry and the royal family. As a result of all that turmoil and the treatment of Meghan Markle, it might be best to leave the historical drama to the ages. Over the last three years, world events like protests have led a number of people all over the world to estimate their relationship to entertainment like The Crown. It wasn't all glamour and palace intrigue for the British royal family. But, The Crown continues to be a strong performer for Netflix. Check out what else the actress had to say.

"I should be careful here too, but I don't think they should carry on, actually. I'm in it and I loved my episodes, but it's very different now. When The Crown started it was a historic drama, and now it's crashed into the present. But that's up to them," Carter said before addressing questions about Prince Harry's book. "I don't really want to contribute to the whole thing. It's complicated and it'll get taken out of context. And I think it's been given enough attention."

Will The Crown Be Ending Soon?

All this commotion surrounding The Crown as Season 5 was getting produced has some people agreeing with the star. Some people take the events of this series as bold fact when its a dramatization at heart. History is complicated as is Britain's history writ large. The Crown provided an avenue for some conversations to occur that might not have had a chance to flourish otherwise. Check out the disclaimer that Dame Judi Dench penned to Netflix in advocating for some clarity on behalf of the viewing public.

"While many will recognise The Crown for the brilliant but fictionalised account of events that it is, I fear that a significant number of viewers, particularly overseas, may take its version of history as being wholly true," Dench wrote. "Given some of the wounding suggestions apparently contained in the new series – that King Charles plotted for his mother to abdicate, for example, or once suggested his mother's parenting was so deficient that she might have deserved a jail sentence – this is both cruelly unjust to the individuals and damaging to the institution they represent."

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